MikeCheck Development

Base Converter and Calculator Pro

Another base converter!? This app doesn't just convert between common bases, but allows conversion across any of the bases between 2 and 36. You can also add numbers (even across bases). There is a memory button that allows storage of up to six numbers (each in their own base).

All these features are packed into a clean, organized, and fun interface.

- Convert any number effortlessly between base 2 and 36
- Store six numbers in memory each in their own base
- Add and subtract numbers, even across bases

Future Updates Include:
- Additional functions including Multiplication and Division
- Input and calculation of non-integer numbers
- Advanced functions including Sin, Cos, Tan
- Mathematical constants

What's New
- The ability to subtract numbers has been added
- Negative numbers can now be entered.
- Allows storage of up to six numbers in memory (each in their own base)
- All memory is saved between application uses
- Visual designation of current operation
- Perform multiple operations without the need to press the equals button (simply press the next desired operation)
- Left or right swipe to increase or decrease base