MikeCheck Development


New features by request:
+ Display distances in Kilometers or Miles

- Your friend can get directions to your location in just a few taps.

- No more copy/pasting addresses from text messages!

Next time you are asked "Where are you?," respond with a description and image almost instantly instead of trying to find nearby street signs or describe the nearest landmark.

10-20 retrieves your current location and nearby points of interest. Then you choose what to share and send it to your friends via e-mail or text message. The map link will open in the Maps application if the recipient has an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Otherwise, the user can still view the map in any web browser.

Tell friends where you are!

Easily share:
- description of your location
- map (including a custom label of your location)
- list of nearby places

If you have any suggestions or are experiencing any problems, please let us know. This app is for you, let us know what features you'd like to see in the next version!

What's New
- Bug fix (was causing app to crash on startup)
- Fully iOS 5 tested
- Distances can be shown in Kilometers or Miles
- Nearby Locations are now retrieved much quicker than previously
- Geocoding updated (removed deprecated method calls)