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Send personalized texts to all your friends!
"Mass texting" ends here, make that message special!

Textwiz allows you to send personalized text messages to your friends with their first and/or last name, e-mail, company, and birthday filled in for you. Simply type your message, "Insert" the user specific information you'd like to use, and hit send. This app is packed with all the features you need to send text messages to all your friends at once. Next time you send a "mass text", impress all the recipients with a personal message. It will make them think twice if it is really a mass text. (Don't worry, we won't tell them.)

-Landscape and Portrait modes
-Type your message once, then hit send
-No limit on the number of recipients
-Each message is filled out for you
-Shake to clear message and recipients
-No copy and pasting necessary
-Simple and organized interface
-Real-time info checking (ensures each recipient has the information that will be needed to fully complete the message)
-Free support (mikecheck.net, Contact Page)

Have some feedback? Want a new feature added? Experiencing a problem? We'd love to hear from you! We are dedicated to continually improve our apps. If you find something wrong, let us know and we'll fix it.

What's New
~Re-organization of contact list
~Bug fixed when adding groups to recipient list
~Stability upgrades